Download Deluxe WR and Manual Suite

  • Item #: 2016DLSUITE

Our Deluxe 2016DLSSUITE is a Download which includes both our Deluxe WR (With Random # Generator) and our Deluxe Manual Version which is used in combination with a wire cage with balls or a bingo ball blower.  Both versions have printing for up to 27,000 bingo cards in 2 cards per sheet, 4 cards per sheet, or 6 cards per sheet configurations.  Both versions have bingo card win verifiers, timers, and our unique Custom Game pattern feature.  Easy installation with the instruction pack which is included in the download.  Print out the instructions before installation.  Use your own debit or credit card or paypal to purchase through our PayPal interface.  Pay for the software, receive an emailed link for downloading, and click the link to download to your computer's download folder.  Easy to download, easy to install, simply awesome in use!!!



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