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WE KNOW BINGO!  We have used our more than 30 years of bingo equipment and supply experience to develop our bingo software products!   We ship our Standard and Deluxe bingo software by EASY DOWNLOAD!  


We ship our Platinum WR with multi color screens on a cd by Priority Mail! 


Install our bingo software on all of your own computers whenever you wish!  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 work well with our software!  Use Screen Projectors, Liquid Crystal Displays, or Plasma Displays with our bingo software!  Our software is easy to install and use!  We are the inventors of the Digital Bingo Machine concept!  Our bingo software is the best available anywhere!   


Our WR ( With Random #) version software provides an advanced and well tested "random number generator".  

It is easy to use and has a very popular bingo number selection feature for running bingo games of every size.


Our Manual flashboard  version is used in combination with a bingo ball blower or wire cage with balls.  It provides a superior flashboard when used with traditional bingo equipment.


Our Platinum WR version with Multi-Color Screens is shipped to you on cd by US Priority Mail!


Our software has amazing bingo card printing features.  Standard versions print up to 9000 bingo cards in three different commercial style formats.  Our Deluxe and Platinum versions print up to 27,000 bingo cards in three different commercial style formats.


NOTE* Our Deluxe WR version and Deluxe Manual version are available together as a fast download in our Deluxe WR and Deluxe Manual Suite!  Get both versions for one low price!


We provide excellent software support!  Our very popular bingo software products are well tested and used successfully throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Central America to run bingo games for charity fund raising, schools, senior centers, churches, campgrounds, VFW's, American Legions, Rotary and Lions Clubs, military bases, hospitals, bingo halls, casinos, safety bingo, travel bingo, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, individuals, and bingo games on television.


Instructions for downloading our Deluxe WR  and Standard WR wide software; After you pay, you receive an email with a download link. Click on the link and your download will begin.


NOTE* There is an instruction document included in the download. It is written in Microsoft Word. Print out the instruction document which has installation information and software operation directions.  Read the downloaded INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL Our SOFTWARE!  Installation is really easy if you read the instructions!


Download may take several minutes, depending on your internet connection.  

Questions?  email - fundweb@aol.com  

Use our easy download feature!  After Download, you can save the downloaded files on a thumb drive or cd for

future use!  



Download Deluxe WR and Manual Suite

Download Deluxe WR and Manual Suite

BEST VALUE! LOADED WITH FEATURES! Our Deluxe 2016DLSSUITE is a Download which includes both our Deluxe WR (With Random # Generator) and our Deluxe Manual Version which is used in combination with a wire cage with balls or a bingo ball blower....

Manual Deluxe 2016 for download

Manual Deluxe 2016 for download. No random number generator on-board. This software is designed to be used as a great flashboard in combination with a bingo ball blower OR wire cage with balls. There is a built in bingo card printing application...

special Standard WR for download

special Standard WR for download

This product is downloadable, It costs only $29, there is no shipping fee. The Standard WR prints up to 9,000 bingo cards in two cards per sheet, four cards per sheet, and six cards per sheet configurations. It has an advanced and secure random...

Platinum Version w/Random - Digital Bingo Machine

Platinum Version w/Random - Digital Bingo Machine

Our "Platinum Version w/Random now comes with four powerful multi-colored flashboards. Operate bingo in bingo halls, charity bingo games, senior centers, clubs, Rec Centers etc. Sale Priced for only $99.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. 

 Thank you for your interest in our very popular BCP - Bingo Card Player software for bingo!