Deluxe WR 2017 for download

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Our Deluxe WR 2017 for download is loaded with features.  This product is designed with superior graphics and a huge wide screen that fills your displays.  Use it on crystal clear video displays or screen projectors to impress your bingo players.

It provides an onboard bingo card verifier which will verify bingo card wins for all 27,000 cards it prints, plus verification for certain 3rd party bingo card perms.

The built in Random Number generator provides game security from operator error and ease of operation with no obsolete ball blower or wire cages required for play.  There is no other product like it anywhere in the world.

There is optional bingo card printing for 27,000 commercial format bingo cards in 2 cards per sheet, 4 cards per sheet, and 6 cards per sheet configurations.

Use more than 30 onboard bingo patterns, plus our Custom Feature which allows you to play multiple games on one card and to create any pattern you can dream up on the fly.

This product is used across the USA and Canada for Bingo party play at home, Charitable gaming, Senior Centers, Hospitals, Rotary and Lions Clubs, Golf Clubs, yacht Clubs, Veterans Organizations, Schools, Colleges, Military Bases, Community Centers, Bingo Halls, Casinos, Hotels, Bus Trips, Camp Grounds, Radio Stations, Bingo on TV, etc. Businesses use it to entertain and to retain customers with bingo play!

It sells for only $59 as a download.

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