Go PATS BINGO for download

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A new computer game called Go P A T S bingo.  Inspired by a church school request for a bingo game with a saints name on the flashboard.  

Go P A T S is the first in a series of new bingo games which can be used for playing in your home, schools, bars, restaurants, and for school sports Tailgating events.  

Celebrate with your friends in your home, at school, out on the town, or in parking lots before the big school game.

Print up to 9050 Go P A T S bingo cards in two cards per sheet or four cards per sheet configurations with your desktop computer. 

Personalize the bingo cards with the name of your school or business as you print.  

The Go P A T S game plays like any other bingo game and has a built in winning card verifier, timer, and last number called.  More than 30 popular bingo patterns are built in.

 Bingo Software created and supported by email and phone from within the USA!

Priced to sell at Only $29.00, and is downloadable.


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Price $29.00